Made for iPod 
NuVo Technologies, the popular developer of affordable multiroom audio systems, has launched its first touchscreen on summer 2009.

The 3.6-inch Color Touch Pad comes a couple of years after NuVo introduced its ControlPad capacitive-touch interfaces. Those, however glamorous, are text-and-arrow based.

The new touchscreens mimic the look of the NuVo Control Pads, so homeowners can mix-and-match to their heart's desire.
"It has the same consistent look on the wall," says CTO Rick Kukulies. "A lot of other touchscreens bulk off the wall – sometimes as much as an inch."
He adds that NuVo plans to develop a family of touchscreens, and the company is looking at both tabletop and wireless versions.
This one connects to NuVo music systems via a single Cat 5 cable, which provides both power and audio.
NuVo hasn't released pricing for the touchscreen – expected to ship in Q2 – but Kukulies says it will offer "typical NuVo value."